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Oceanaire Seafood Room

Last night, I went to the Oceanaire and felt a bit like a Beverly Hillbilly. Look, I’m no stranger to fine dining, but every time a waiter says, “Pardon my reach” I start wondering why no one at Chili’s ever said that shit to me…


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With its Leprechauny name and Brickell’s apparent love affair with Irish pubs, I was sure this was an Irish pub for alcoholic bankers. I just figured, hey, so it’s a bar with valet parking, we do it big in Miami. But no, this place is…


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Bonefish Grill

[post_intro] [/post_intro] One time I swallowed a bone while eating fish and it wasn’t a pleasant experience. It hurt every time I swallowed for a few days. I liken it to the equivalent to your throat’s version of burning urination. Not that I would know.…