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The Miamian's Guide to Zika Leave a comment Read more »

The Miamian’s Guide to Zika

As you’re probably already aware, Miami has received annoying, bloodsucking assholes from Brazil. And more recently, they’ve sent over mosquitoes as well. Zika fever has been an ongoing problem in Asia, Africa, and South/Caribbean America, but has recently become a real problem now that white…


How to Be a Miami Millionaire 1 Comment Read more »

How to Be a Miami Millionaire

Miami’s wage gap is bigger than the ass implants of its most vain citizens, everybody knows that. Housing is generally not affordable. We outrank Detroit, AKA “We Can’t Even Afford an AKA”, as the worst place to live. We have Zika. That last one isn’t relevant, I just wanted to remind you in case somehow you forgot about that shit.


Lime Fresh Mexican Grill 1 Comment Read more »

Lime Fresh Mexican Grill

[post_intro] [/post_intro] If someone had asked me “hey, Orlando, wanna know what’s a really good place to eat in Midtown? Lime Fresh Mexican Grill!” I would’ve said, “hey, person in this hypothetical scenario, wanna know what I’d rather be than to eat Mexican food? A…


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[post_intro] [/post_intro] First thing’s first: How do you pronounce “Novecento”? Following logic, it’s an Italian word so it should be pronounced as “no-ve-CHEN-to.” If you’re retarded, it’s pronounced “no-ve-SEN-to.” “Hey Chad, what’s up bro it’s Todd. Order me the ‘bru-SHEH-da’ with the ‘PEEK-zza’ over at…