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A Lesson in Men Leave a comment Read more »

A Lesson in Men

Men, for better or for worse, have pretty much been running the world since the dawn of civilization. That isn’t some kind of chauvinistic viewpoint from a guy who laughs at the absurdity of feminists trying to coin the word “womyn,” it’s simply a fact.…


A Lesson in Miami Driving 33 Comments Read more »

A Lesson in Miami Driving

Miami has a notorious reputation for road rage. That anecdote is according to various magazines, which I probably shouldn’t play up since the average magazine’s idea of journalistic integrity is blurring out Britney Spear’s vagina on her most recent “look at me, I’m stepping out…


A Lesson in God 7 Comments Read more »

A Lesson in God

The story of God is an important one to tell. Many of you just vaguely know of Him, hearing His name in acceptance speeches everywhere, but few are those who know the man for who He is and why He is special enough to have…


A Lesson in Profiling Leave a comment Read more »

A Lesson in Profiling

Human beings are strange creatures. I’m sure at least 2/3 of you have heard of the homo sapiens species, the Latin name for the human species we belong to. The other 1/3 confuse it with homo saypenis. What exactly is a homo saypenis? I can’t…


A Lesson in Stereotyping Leave a comment Read more »

A Lesson in Stereotyping

Well all know what a stereotype is. It is, by definition, a widely held but fixed and oversimplified image or idea of a particular type of person or thing. Few, if any, know the root of the word. I believe it’s: [18th century] Greek (ˈstɛrɪəˌtaɪp’)…


A Lesson in Passive-aggressiveness 3 Comments Read more »

A Lesson in Passive-aggressiveness

Miami is notorious for haters. Hating, like sculpting and ribbed-condom designing, is an unappreciated art form. People who hate, collectively called “haters”, must carry around the stigma of negativity. Aside from the excruciatingly heavy stone of negativity they’re forced to haul around, they need to…


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