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Hipster Rappers You Probably Haven't Heard Of Leave a comment Read more »

Hipster Rappers You Probably Haven’t Heard Of

Hipster rappers are so underground they’re out-hipstering hipsters. The album covers alone are enough to show you these guys mean serious business. Sorry, I mean bidness. Most of these guys have a story similar to DJay, the highly creatively-named protagonist in the movie Hustle &…


Women I Would Sleep with if I Had a Noble Title 2 Comments Read more »

Women I Would Sleep with if I Had a Noble Title

With the non-stop talk of the balding Prince William’s marriage to that hot piece of ass (unexpectedly, because she’s British) Kate Middleton, I figured I’d talk royalty today. It’s 2011, we have satellites in outer space that tell us where the nearest place to eat…


A Lesson in Food 5 Comments Read more »

A Lesson in Food

Everyone has to eat. Most of us eat organic matter to sustain ourselves while others do well feeding on the souls of forsaken demons from the deepest, darkest, most neglected portions of hell. Yes, Karl Rove likes his demonic delicacies fresh and organic so he…


A Lesson in Women 5 Comments Read more »

A Lesson in Women

In the words of every black comedian ever, “bitches be crazy.” They have more issues than Time Magazine. More baggage than a train station in China. More hang-ups than a telemarketer. More emotional problems than… a person with a lot of emotional problems. It’s commonly…


Music Which Unfortunately Exists 10 Comments Read more »

Music Which Unfortunately Exists

Once a person reaches a certain age, they start complaining more about the crap the upcoming generation is listening to. In my case, I do a lot of complaining about what my current generation listens to. Because my generation listens to horse shit. Lil’ Wayne,…


A Lesson in Miami Public Transportation 4 Comments Read more »

A Lesson in Miami Public Transportation

Miami has always been lacking in the public transportation department. Not even the Underground Railroad had connections down here, it’s bullshit. You would think that one of the largest and most populous metropolitan areas in the United States would have decent transportation, right? WRONG. Miami’s…


A Lesson in Robot Uprisings Leave a comment Read more »

A Lesson in Robot Uprisings

Let me quickly say that I have long ago come to terms with the fact that robots will turn against us and make us their bitches. It’s a common opinion in the scientific community based on our breakthroughs and speedy advances in physics, computer sciences,…


A Lesson in Screenplays 3 Comments Read more »

A Lesson in Screenplays

That’s right, I wrote a screenplay. At first, I didn’t really want to tell many people because more than likely (this still holds true) I will be a failure at it and anything I write won’t get past the “it’s good, I hope it gets…


A Lesson in Grocery Shopping 3 Comments Read more »

A Lesson in Grocery Shopping

Grocery shopping can be mundane, or it can be an experience you grab by the horns and do whatever it is the white American people who came up with that phrase expected you to do with the bull you just grabbed by the horns. I…


A Lesson in the Moon 1 Comment Read more »

A Lesson in the Moon

About 49 years ago, a ginger president with no soul by the name of John Fitzgerald Kennedy decided Russians were bullshit and needed to be beat in getting to the Moon. Most people thought this was insane and beyond the realm of possibility so they…


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