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Complaint Letter to Domino's 1 Comment Read more »

Complaint Letter to Domino’s

Hi Domino’s, I’ve been eating healthy lately. As you reach a certain age, you begin to think about things like mortgages and the certainty of death. You also think about what kind of shitty food you should avoid eating just so a decade or two…


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Target Wrote Me Back

Last week, I wrote a letter to Target about one of their products rebelling against me and thus dishonoring my family, friends, and pet cat. They replied promptly, and I’m impressed by that. What I’m not impressed by, however, is their refusal to comply with…


Complaint Letter to Target 1 Comment Read more »

Complaint Letter to Target

My girlfriend made the mistake of buying Target-brand sealable freezer bags. I’ve forgiven her, and now we’re back together, but I decided to write a letter to Target about it. This is what I sent them. Hey Target, Recently, my girlfriend suggested we go to…