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Boy Writes Los Angeles: The Beverly Leave a comment Read more »

Boy Writes Los Angeles: The Beverly

Every time I go to LA I witness a fight at a club. Last time it was at Supperclub, this time it was at The Beverly in West Hollywood. Upon arriving to LA, my cousin was a very gracious host. At his home in Long…


Boy Writes Los Angeles: Supperclub 4 Comments Read more »

Boy Writes Los Angeles: Supperclub

So last weekend my sister was visiting LA and my cousin took her to a bar in Long Beach, Mai Tai Bar, where the night ended with six people getting shot. This week I was visiting and wanted no part in that, so I said…


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This has got to be the stupidest place to go to without pre-drinking somewhere else. That’s true of most places in South Beach on account of their “rape is fun” pricing schemes, but Wall takes it to another level. Picture this. It’s 1994 in Rwanda.…


Buck House (Villa 221) 4 Comments Read more »

Buck House (Villa 221)

Back as a teen when my parents went out of town and left the house to me, I had fantasies of throwing big house parties. Of course, that never materialized because I lived in a condo with strict rules and I only had like 4…


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Buck 15

Buck 15 has such a ghetto-ass entrance I thought I needed to provide some kind of password to get in. Like the doorman would ask, “how much is a buck fifteen worth to the Loch Ness monster” and the answer is, “…about tree-fitty.” I had…


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I had been to Arkadia for the first time early this year, but it wasn’t for very long and my state of mind was compromised (read: drunk.) When I went again this past weekend, the first thought that came through my mind when I started…


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Grand Central

[post_intro] [/post_intro] On your way to Grand Central you walk past so many homeless people it feels like this club is situated in the middle of a Darfur refugee camp. There is such a disconnect between seeing those hopeless souls, feeling bad for 8 seconds…


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[post_intro] [/post_intro] The key to creating a nightclub is picking a single word, then misspelling it. Mynt, Rokbar, LIV, etc. What is it about that? There are reasons why I usually avoid SoBe clubs. You have to be a very specific type of person to…


Mia at Biscayne 2 Comments Read more »

Mia at Biscayne

[post_intro] [/post_intro] I’ve been to this place in club mode twice now, and if the Gods are listening I’ll never have to go there again. I’ve never been there during the day so I won’t be talking about that. I’m strictly reviewing the club scene.…


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The Vagabond

[post_intro] [/post_intro] I don’t know those two girls in the intro image. I chose to display them because they’re unthreateningly attractive. I mean, one of them is wearing a denim jacket. The only time denim could possibly make you threatening is if you’re a character…