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Miss Yip Chinese Cafe 6 Comments Read more »

Miss Yip Chinese Cafe

[post_intro] [/post_intro] Asians are supposed to be the pinnacle of efficiency and honor. Boy are they going to be fucking pissed off when they find out about this place. Some manager is about to just disappear. I’ve heard people jizz themselves when talking about the…


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Wok Town

[post_intro] [/post_intro] Look at that adorable little Asian girl. LOOK AT HER. Asian babies are the cutest thing in the world. If I could have a little Asian daughter that stayed tiny forever without resorting to becoming a midget (the proportions get all fucked up)…


P.F. Chang's China Bistro 2 Comments Read more »

P.F. Chang’s China Bistro

[post_intro] [/post_intro] I generally don’t look forward to eating at chain restaurants because the food is as depressing as a fetus smoking a cigarette, but I’ve heard some good things about the Mongolian beef in specific. Chinese food — the westernized version sans fish heads…


Tropical Chinese Restaurant 3 Comments Read more »

Tropical Chinese Restaurant

[post_intro] [/post_intro] I used to have an Asian woman fetish. I’m not proclaiming that to in any way suggest that I no longer like Asian women, I’m just saying it was a hardcore fetish where I’d see a blond girl and mentally dye her hair,…