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In-N-Out Burger Miami 2 Comments Read more »

In-N-Out Burger Miami

When I first heard about In-N-Out opening in Miami, I quickly navigated over to weather.com and searched for “Hialeah, FL” to see if Hell had frozen over. It was 68 degrees, so for Miami standards it might as well have. I don’t personally know of…


Made-up Biographies: Penelope Cruz 2 Comments Read more »

Made-up Biographies: Penelope Cruz

Penelope Cruz was born Pepe Cruz, a healthy baby boy, in La Habana, Cuba on April 28, 1974. At a young age, he identified with women more than men and the neighborhood boys gave him the nickname “Penelope.” Luckily for Pepe, this teasing wouldn’t last…


Passion Nightclub 52 Comments Read more »

Passion Nightclub

“Fuck you then.” That’s what I said to the asshole bouncer on a power trip by the register, and that’s why I was kicked out. I didn’t just say it to say it, I said it because the cocksucker deserved it. Allow me to explain.…