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CLOS Bistro & Cafe Leave a comment Read more »

CLOS Bistro & Cafe

CLOS is the sort of place that if I legitimately rated places using a 5-star system, it would receive four solid stars. I know anything less than five stars sounds like a diss, but to put it into perspective out of a 5-star rating I…


NeMesis Urban Bistro 6 Comments Read more »

NeMesis Urban Bistro

I’ll be the first one to resolutely state that South Africa has made up for apartheid by giving us the lady who runs NeMesis. I just spaced on her name and I don’t feel like taking the four seconds to look it up. That’s valuable…


Lemoni Cafe 1 Comment Read more »

Lemoni Cafe

[post_intro] [/post_intro] I was introduced to this spot by yet another girl I lacked the maturity to commit to. At first I was reminded of a Starbucks until the second time I visited and realized they served pretty banging food. We sat down and talked…


Metro Organic Bistro 6 Comments Read more »

Metro Organic Bistro

[post_intro] [/post_intro] Usually I stay away from anything containing the word “organic” because it reminds me of annoying health nut douches. Sometimes I want to go to Whole Foods with a syringe full of antibiotics and just inject everything in sight. I immediately became apprehensive…


Buena Vista Bistro 1 Comment Read more »

Buena Vista Bistro

[post_intro] [/post_intro] Tiny places like this is what Miami needs more of instead of gimmicky burger + beer houses. We get it, burgers and beer are a great combination, now tell Burger King to get out of that game because Miller Lite and Whoppers are…


Le Café 5 Comments Read more »

Le Café

I came, I saw, then I came again. I’m talking orgasms, people. I’ve been to this place three times and I’ve yet to eat something that didn’t make my loins quiver like how I’m sure an Oprah fanatic squirts when Oprah tells women to check…