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The Miamian's Guide to Zika Leave a comment Read more »

The Miamian’s Guide to Zika

As you’re probably already aware, Miami has received annoying, bloodsucking assholes from Brazil. And more recently, they’ve sent over mosquitoes as well. Zika fever has been an ongoing problem in Asia, Africa, and South/Caribbean America, but has recently become a real problem now that white…


Another Lesson in Miami Driving 2 Comments Read more »

Another Lesson in Miami Driving

For the most part, I don’t disagree with Hitler’s actions. What I disagree on was his choice of victims. Jews are awesome, gays are fabulous, and the handicapped don’t really need any more shit piled on them. If the Third Reich decided to gas and…


No Updates Until Wednesday 1 Comment Read more »

No Updates Until Wednesday

As you read this, I will already be in Mexico. I’m going on vacation while all you suckers are working. When you’re filing paperwork, flipping burgers, performing open-heart surgery, or whatever mundane task it is you do I’ll be in the Yucatan peninsula lying to…