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Another Lesson in Miami Driving 2 Comments Read more »

Another Lesson in Miami Driving

For the most part, I don’t disagree with Hitler’s actions. What I disagree on was his choice of victims. Jews are awesome, gays are fabulous, and the handicapped don’t really need any more shit piled on them. If the Third Reich decided to gas and…


Miami Metro Rail Orange Line 1 Comment Read more »

Miami Metro Rail Orange Line

Besides the importance of county-wide bike lanes on every street so those annoying motherfucking asshole piece-of-shit dickhead entitled fucktard cunt faces riding bikes using roads yet blatantly disobeying road signs on those roads can have a place to ride, I’ve maintained that a rail line…


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Virgin America

[post_intro] [/post_intro] If Virgin America were a hot chick, I would treat her with respect. I love to fly. I’m a sport pilot, often fly commercial airlines provided they have ample legroom, and sometimes lie to women about my profession as a test pilot. People…


A Lesson in Miami Public Transportation 4 Comments Read more »

A Lesson in Miami Public Transportation

Miami has always been lacking in the public transportation department. Not even the Underground Railroad had connections down here, it’s bullshit. You would think that one of the largest and most populous metropolitan areas in the United States would have decent transportation, right? WRONG. Miami’s…


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JetBlue Airways

[post_intro] [/post_intro] JetBlue is the shit. They don’t fly to Miami International Airport (MIA), but they fly out of Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International (FLL) which I guess is good enough. FLL is like Canada whereas MIA is the United States. MIA is larger, has more money,…


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Miami International Airport

[post_intro] [/post_intro] This review was removed by Yelp HQ because it was “irrelevant” to the location being reviewed. They may be right, but fuck them, I thought it was funny. I’m posting it exactly as it appeared on Yelp before it was removed; no spicing…