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I Wrote a Script You'll Never See on TV 3 Comments Read more »

I Wrote a Script You’ll Never See on TV

Some of you may have read my Lesson in Screenplays a while back. If you did, you might remember I mentioned something about being asked to write a spec screenplay. Well, I did that a few months ago. Now, I don’t know what the protocol…


Having Fun with Pizza 3 Comments Read more »

Having Fun with Pizza

I’ve already discussed Pieducks and its orally orgasmic properties. This post isn’t so much about how their pizza tastes as awesome as any John Candy movie not counting Wagons East (which is why he died, I’m sure), it’s about their artistic prowess. When I order…


I Have Some Strange Readers Leave a comment Read more »

I Have Some Strange Readers

Whatever dude, you guys think you’re normal but I’ve got facts that state otherwise. I looked through this site’s analytics, specifically the search keywords portion, and found some very interesting terms used by people who then stumble onto this page. What’s worse is they stick…


A Lesson in Women 5 Comments Read more »

A Lesson in Women

In the words of every black comedian ever, “bitches be crazy.” They have more issues than Time Magazine. More baggage than a train station in China. More hang-ups than a telemarketer. More emotional problems than… a person with a lot of emotional problems. It’s commonly…


The Internet and My Childhood Leave a comment Read more »

The Internet and My Childhood

It doesn’t matter how old you were, everyone remembers their first time using the Internet. Mine was awesome. See, my father had just gotten a new computer at the time. A Compaq Presario with a 1GB hard drive, 100mhz pentium processor, 128MB memory, you know,…


Moustaches 1 Comment Read more »


[post_intro] [/post_intro] It is important to first point out that the title of this is spelled “moustaches” when it should, in fact, be spelled “mustaches.” It’s time to learn to speak AMERICAN, people. Leave your tea and crumpets in the Queen’s territory. We’re all about…


Poetry Slam About How I'm Feeling Leave a comment Read more »

Poetry Slam About How I’m Feeling

So I’m sick and shit. I’m pretty sure I got this from a co-worker, and not a hot one which makes it even worse. I’ve decided to write some poetry about how I feel in an entry I call “Poetry Slam About How I’m Feeling.”…


Lazy Entries: Volume 1 Leave a comment Read more »

Lazy Entries: Volume 1

All right. You caught me. I didn’t feel like writing last night because I got caught up in some extra work that needed to be done. I’m also running low on pre-written reviews and didn’t want to waste them. So I’ve created a new segment…


Music Which Unfortunately Exists 10 Comments Read more »

Music Which Unfortunately Exists

Once a person reaches a certain age, they start complaining more about the crap the upcoming generation is listening to. In my case, I do a lot of complaining about what my current generation listens to. Because my generation listens to horse shit. Lil’ Wayne,…


Merry Christmas, Unless You're Jewish Leave a comment Read more »

Merry Christmas, Unless You’re Jewish

Or Muslim. Or any other brand of heathen. Kwanzaa goes without saying, I guess. I had a Jewish girl explain to me last night in detail what Kwanzaa was and its origins. Unfortunately I forgot, but you’ll be happy to know it wasn’t that interesting.…


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