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Japan Earthquake or Why Some People are Fucking Idiots 7 Comments Read more »

Japan Earthquake or Why Some People are Fucking Idiots

Common sense dictates that you spend very little time reading YouTube comments unless your goal is to hate humanity. The same goes for any community sufficiently large, free, and popular. Anonymity offers people free reign to be complete assholes. I know that may seem ironic…


Motherfucking Leap Years Leave a comment Read more »

Motherfucking Leap Years

I was born on a leap day. I realize that by telling you this I’ve opened myself up to you paying my phone bill or logging into my Facebook from a computer I’ve never used in another state, but I think I can live with…


Moustaches 1 Comment Read more »


[post_intro] [/post_intro] It is important to first point out that the title of this is spelled “moustaches” when it should, in fact, be spelled “mustaches.” It’s time to learn to speak AMERICAN, people. Leave your tea and crumpets in the Queen’s territory. We’re all about…


Poetry Slam About How I'm Feeling Leave a comment Read more »

Poetry Slam About How I’m Feeling

So I’m sick and shit. I’m pretty sure I got this from a co-worker, and not a hot one which makes it even worse. I’ve decided to write some poetry about how I feel in an entry I call “Poetry Slam About How I’m Feeling.”…


Merry Christmas, Unless You're Jewish Leave a comment Read more »

Merry Christmas, Unless You’re Jewish

Or Muslim. Or any other brand of heathen. Kwanzaa goes without saying, I guess. I had a Jewish girl explain to me last night in detail what Kwanzaa was and its origins. Unfortunately I forgot, but you’ll be happy to know it wasn’t that interesting.…


Getting Away with Libel Leave a comment Read more »

Getting Away with Libel

It’s way easier than you think.


Mormon Porn Loophole Leave a comment Read more »

Mormon Porn Loophole

Mormons aren’t allowed to view pornography. This sort of prohibition fosters behavior that leads to things like writing a novel about a 100-year-old vampire falling in love with a 17-year-old girl which also has a wolf-man falling in love with the 17-year-old’s newborn baby. Crazy…


What is a Spinning Class? 1 Comment Read more »

What is a Spinning Class?

Now I get it.


Women I Would Sleep with if I Had a Time Machine 2 Comments Read more »

Women I Would Sleep with if I Had a Time Machine

There are a few things we could all agree with that most guys would do if given a time machine. The first is to go back and kill Hitler. The second is looking up lottery numbers and ensuring you win a few times, or alternatively…


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