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Sweetness Bakeshop & Cafe 3 Comments Read more »

Sweetness Bakeshop & Cafe

The fourteenth most important thing you should know about me is that I absolutely lose my shit when sweet things are involved. I love sweets so much I could’ve been easily molested by a balding man in a cardigan as a kid if only I…


House of Frost 2 Comments Read more »

House of Frost

[post_intro] [/post_intro] HELLO, DIABETES! That’s how I’m going to greet diabetes when I inevitably get it. I eat more sugar than a fat, pregnant cockroach on Valentine’s Day. That metaphor doesn’t make sense to you? Well fuck you. I eat more sugar than a fat,…


LA Sweets Cupcakes 6 Comments Read more »

LA Sweets Cupcakes

[post_intro] [/post_intro] The quickest way into a woman’s heart is by giving her food that’ll make her ugly. Some people think diamonds do the trick, but diamonds are just a very expensive way into a woman’s vagina. Godiva, on the other hand, is a great…