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Transit Lounge

[post_intro] [/post_intro] I live nearby, and recently I went to Transit Lounge alone with the sole intention of specifically meeting a girl I will never want to see again after that night. Transit is pretty good for that, because it’s populated by all types. Let…


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Van Dyke Cafe

[post_intro] [/post_intro] The Van Dyke Cafe has nothing to do with a lesbian’s penchant for her Dodge Caravan. I feel it’s important to make that distinction so you don’t set foot in there harboring the same expectations I did. Fun fact, Van Dyke Cafe was…


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The Vagabond

[post_intro] [/post_intro] I don’t know those two girls in the intro image. I chose to display them because they’re unthreateningly attractive. I mean, one of them is wearing a denim jacket. The only time denim could possibly make you threatening is if you’re a character…


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