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Election Tweets: The Funny, Dramatic, and Others

As everyone knows, Obama half-stepped into this piece once more last night by becoming the first black president to be re-elected in the US. That’s kind of a bullshitty statistic, like how baseball keeps track of shit like, “the only player to hit a home run against a Wiccan pitcher during a full moon on the eve of the summer solstice while wearing a team’s alternate uniform.” Either way, we’ve got a little over four more years of Obama, and I for one am more excited about the fact that everyone in my Facebook stream who supported Romney can go eat a bag of dicks.

But enough politics for right now. Let’s take the time to enjoy some of the more noteworthy tweets I’ve found in a segment I’d like to call, “Orlando finds tweets around the Internet and categorizes them for your viewing pleasure.”

Tweets I liked

Butt-hurt Trump tweets

I agree, we need to stop production of season 13 of The Apprentice.

If by “us” you mean “my hair”, then yes.

Technically you’re right, Mr. Trump, the US is a constitutional republic.

Butt-hurt Canseco tweets…

Didn’t you cheat at baseball?

A high school grad is calling two Harvard grads “clowns”. I love America.

No, Jose, they won something slightly more important.

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