Reviewing Miami and then some. Gratuitous vulgarity included.

Pictures of Celebrities I Drew By Taping a Marker Onto My Erection

Without further ado, I present to you pictures I drew with my erect penis and a marker taped onto it. The originals are on the left, the sketches using my erect penis are on the right.

Sofia Vergara

Adriana Lima

Evangeline Lilly

Sarah Jessica Parker

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25 Comments to Pictures of Celebrities I Drew By Taping a Marker Onto My Erection

  1. duh

    Not even an ATTEMPT at making it not look like the photoshop filter you used. :/

    • That’s, uh, not the punchline. I suck at Photoshop® and I can’t really draw with my dick.

    • duhresponse

      look at the horse you idiot.

    • duh guy is dumb.

      get it sjp is not attractive at all? ergo no erection because he had to have thought she was hot first.

  2. Ed

    Stay Classy, Orlando!!! ROTFLOL!!!!

  3. AD

    brilliant.. but my god whomever posted that first moronic comment is a dumb shit

  4. George

    oooor not. I expected to giggle at scribbles and stick figures, leading one to believe that you had, in fact, drawn pictures with your dick. You, sir, are a dick. I could do that with Microsoft Photo Editor, let alone Photoshop. Thanks for trolling. Hope you’re lolling. Because you’re an idiot.

    • indeed

      so you actually wanted dicksquiggles?

  5. jerry

    Well played sir. Well played indeed.

    Because I was waiting for the page to finish loading, i thought it was latency from reddit. and then I heard it, the hallucinated snare drum / cymbal crash and I chuckled. Oh yes, you better believe it I chuckled.

    thank you.

    ps. douchebag poster “duh”, and yes, there is a Photoshop filter called “Drawing with my Dick”

    • jerry

      George, you’re a moron, too.

  6. Kristian

    I totally agree with duh…you EVEN forgot to put a picture next to the last one. Good job Orlandork!


    • donoho

      Appropriate use of sarcasm w a footnote for the slower. Good Job Sir or Ma’am.

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  11. Roast

    Mah, this fails at even attempting to be funny.

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  14. Roast Sucks

    Maybe get a sense of humor, Roast

  15. vanessa

    Oh god there are some thick people out there, crapping on about photoshop and not getting it at all. we truly are NOT all born equal.

    • « que soit simplifiée l’orthographe »On s’en fout complètement de l&rtsuo;orqhographe, c’est la grammaire qu’il faut simplifier. Ce qui pose problème, ce sont les terminaisons et les accords, pas l’écriture des radicaux.Et c’est même pire que ça : il ne faut pas la simplifier, il faut la libérer. “Une norme qui n’oriente plus les pratiques est caduque” – ben oui, elle *est* caduque, alors qu’on l’inhume et qu’on passe à autre chose.

  16. Oscar

    The funny thing here is that he has to be the most gay looking guy in the whole world yet he tried to impress saying he has an erection. Not only is a wanna-be-writer, now we can add he thinks we are stupid and didn’t notice his weird looks.

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