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Music Video Synopses: Lil Wayne – 6 Foot 7 Foot

This is a thorough analysis of a music video, namely “6 Foot 7 Foot” by international rap superstar Lil’ Wayne. Use this summary to decide whether or not it is worth your time to experience the thrill that is this work of art.

Lil Wayne – 6 Foot 7 Foot

The video begins with a tribute to the popular Christopher Nolan mindfuck, Inception, where a half-Cherokee theater student portrays Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s character Arthur and Diminutive Wayne, henceforth referred to as “Lil’ Wayne” or “Weezy”, in place of Leonardo DiCaprio’s character Cobb. Based on the contents of the lyrics and the general expressive theme where the author is purported to be running “the game”, an opinion cited and corroborated by the author himself, the Inception tribute seems wildly out of place but persists throughout the artistic piece.

In a short musical film punctuated by excessive slow-motion and a cast not exceeding the height of 5’6″ as to not further dwarf the protagonist and damage his credibility as a street-hardened ruffian of dubious moral character, Lil’ Wayne opens with his trademark grating throat clear reminiscent of the sound made by a child with a speech impediment that has just swallowed a marble coated with sandpaper. As a preamble to said throat clear, the musical hook which has been “sampled” (music industry vernacular for “stolen”) from an old Jamaican mento popularly adapted by Harry Belafonte makes its warped debut. The contents of which are “six foot, seven foot, eight foot, bunch,” its meaning of which is unclear but can be assumed to imply the heights Weezy wished he would have attained had his stature not been stunted on account of how down-to-Earth he is.

…Lil’ Wayne opens with his trademark grating throat clear…

There seem to be a number of quirky references with ambiguous meaning to the untrained ear. For example, it is unclear if his proclamation of claiming certain niggas are Honey Nut is a reference to how Omar from the hit HBO series The Wire was a homosexual whose morning cereal preferences were Honey Nut Cheerios and therefore the aforementioned niggas are among the proclivities of gays, or if it was simply something the artist invented as a way to incorrectly rhyme “nut” and “runner-up”. The song is riddled with these sort of metaphors, however it is quite possible there is a deeper street meaning to these so-called rhymes.

If you’ve kept following the tune so far without the repetitive “sample” in the background causing you to puncture your eardrums with a scalpel you’ll note Wayne’s infatuation with aviation garments. The gentleman believes wearing pilot gear will make him look fly. Perhaps sound logic in the clink. Wayne proceeds to make claims concerning his love life and his prowess in sexual experimentation even with females of which he has had no prior relations with. Wayne condemns racial segregation with wonderfully expensive allegory in the form of diamonds. The author wastes no time in making it clear that he is, in fact, in charge of all gang-related activities and everyone else lacked the fortitude to defeat him.

The gentleman believes wearing pilot gear will make him look fly.

After declaring his insanity and the shortcomings of those with inadequacies when attempting to decipher his persona, he reveals the name of a woman who once wronged him but makes it clear that he holds no ill-feelings toward her for her actions as he acknowledges that her conduct fell within the realm of standard female behavior. Weezy once more touches upon the subject of other niggas and their tendency to hype themselves up only to quickly fall short of expectations. Immediately following his statement announcing that he confers with himself when dealing with matters of wealth, women, and power, he communicates with the listener that they (presumably the listener) are disingenuous and make decisions with their posteriors, an allusion to a filthy brain with clouded judgment, and explains using various colorful similes how much more proficient at life he is than his peers.

Weezy once more touches upon the subject of other niggas…

Wayne makes it clear that he uses his wealth as it comes upon him and makes little if any attempts at securing his currency with a 401k, government bonds, or other forms of stable long-term savings and instead opts to live like a monarch. Following that, he disrespects niggas once more and denounces their credibility while increasing his self-worth through promulgations of his character and personal prosperity.

Once Young Money wraps up his lyrical storm, a young, very light-skinned gentleman by the name of Cory Gunz whose skin pigmentation makes his overuse of the word “niggas” in his verses questionable engages in poetic lyricism. He starts by greeting his mother and nonsensically strings together various unconnected words to form a rudimentary rhyme before getting to the meat of his point. He too concedes that Lil’ Wayne is in fact the master of all and he is merely helping him spread his message of superiority while keeping miscreants and opportunists at bay. However, Mr. Gunz wastes no time in informing others that while Weezy is king, Mr. Gunz is a prince or at the very least an archduke or whichever rank of noble peerage is second highest behind the reigning monarch.

Cory reveals to listeners that his skill is unmatched…

Cory reveals to listeners that his skill is unmatched, and it isn’t made clear whether he is including Young Money in his proclamation or if it is implied that it is unmatched by everyone not including Lil’ Wayne thus elevating him to God status. Furthermore, he assures everyone that his penchant for women, money, and power is among the highest possible. Cory Gunz feels it necessary for all to be aware the he makes use of restroom urinals in various parts of the world, perhaps a way of informing the audience of his cultured, worldly tendencies.

The video closes with slow motion shots of the Inception tribute, an attractive woman with aesthetic preferences in tune with what the urban youth desires, alcohol, and drug use.

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