Reviewing Miami and then some. Gratuitous vulgarity included.

Passion Nightclub

“Fuck you then.”

That’s what I said to the asshole bouncer on a power trip by the register, and that’s why I was kicked out. I didn’t just say it to say it, I said it because the cocksucker deserved it. Allow me to explain.

…yo, let’s hit up the Trail of Tears club circuit…

I wanted to spend time with my little sister, so this past Friday I made it a point to hang out with her. It was her co-worker’s birthday and she wanted to have it at Passion because being a dentist she’s apparently a fan of pulling teeth. Right off the bat I didn’t want to go. I had been to Passion years ago and assumed (correctly) that it didn’t change much, so I wasn’t in the mood for gaudy pretentiousness in the middle of a fucking Indian reservation. Let’s be clear, you can’t pretend to be as chic as a South Beach club when you’re nestled in lands set aside by the federal government as a “we’re sorry for slaughtering all your ancestors” gesture. When I hear some night club enthusiasts (New Jersey residents) say shit like “yo, let’s hit up the Trail of Tears club circuit” then you can pretend like you’re hot shit. Until then, you’re a mediocre club next to a venue with a mechanical bull.

We arrive and the party isn’t there yet. We were told to arrive before 12:30 AM since that’s when the VIP list closes up shop. Fair enough, we were there before then. When the others finally appear we still have time. There’s a back-door line for people on a list and we queue up. Frodo Baggins and his bouncer brother Douche Baggins man the door and tell us “those with sneakers aren’t allowed in.” He was referring to one of the gentlemen in our group who was wearing probably the cleanest, most pristine, whitest sneakers I’ve ever seen. He’s a fellow of the urban persuasion, good dude, and didn’t look trashy. The sneakers were working for him and his pants and button-down shirt overlaid with a sweater. I pointed out to the others (but not to the bouncers, I didn’t want to start any trouble) that I saw a bunch of ill-dressed ruffians (I called them douches) wearing t-shirts getting in just fine. How does a bedazzled tee supersede clean sneakers which Kanye wears to receive a fucking award? Whatever.

Can you prove there were people wearing sneakers?

From their own web site, from the night I was there. Fucking two in one photo.

The women try talking them into allowing it, and the bouncers just waste time. Wasting time is something they’re good at since it’s what they did in high school which led them to their current career path. Eventually we decide, fuck it, let’s get ghetto and we’ll go inside then have one of the girls walk out with one of the other guys’ shoes in her purse, give it to him, and have him walk in with those while the girl carries his shoes back inside with her purse. Miami style.

At this point I’m over this shit.

So we’re back in the line to get in, the girls get their wristbands and walk inside, but lo and behold, he stops the guys like a goddamn troll proposing a riddle and says “you guys have to go in through the front.” I say, “why? We’re on the list.” He looks at me, “because the ladies are going in here but you guys have to go through the front.” At this point I’m over this shit. “If that’s the case, why did I see a bunch of other guys walk in literally right before the girls did, and why didn’t you tell me this when you were scolding my friend over there for wearing sneakers?” He reiterates that we need to go through the front then proceeds to ignore me and starts motioning for the girls behind us to move forward. Son of a bitch. I wanted to find out who his mom was, seduce her, take photos of me blowing a load on her face, and email them to him as vengeance for being an asshole. I didn’t do it because he looked like the kind of Oedipal bastard that would jerk off to that during his smoke breaks.

I tell the guys to follow me and we’ll go through the front. When we get there, two of the guys already had wristbands since they had been there about an hour before we were and already went inside. Myself and another guy were walking in (sneakers dude was waiting outside for the switch, heh) and we get stopped at the register. This is what gets me kicked out.

Dude on the register looks like a retired child molester. Not like a guy that retired from molesting children, but a guy that retired from his 9-to-5 and took up raping kid faces full-time.

Register: $20

Not even a good evening, a smile, a “hey, how’s it going” with a hard face like some Italian cop that’s been working the same beat for 14 years; nothing.

Me: [With a fucking SMILE, I act like I’m in no way annoyed] Hey, how are ya? I’m actually on the list. It’s —

Register: List’s closed.

Me: No… that can’t —

Register: Closes at 12:30, $20.

Me: Right, [I pulled out my iPhone and showed him the time] but it’s 12:26, so I’m good. It’s —


Me: [My mood changes and I’m visibly annoyed now] Hey man, you need to calm down.

The guy that’s with me notices the friction and just pulls out a $20 and gives it to the guy then walks in. At this point, the bouncer who looked like that massive Chinaman who throws his shoe at Austin Powers walks over to me like he’s trying to intimidate.

Bouncer: What is this? You need to pay or leave.

Me: [I say this as calmly as I possibly can] Hi, listen, he’s telling me the list closes at 12:30 and right now it’s [showing the phone again] 12:27 so I’ve got a good 3 minutes before you close the list.

Bouncer: [He actually gets even closer to me] List is closed. $40.

Me: Dude, he just told me $20.

Bouncer: That’s for women.

Me: Uh, no, for guys, you just let him in with $20 and why would this guy quote me the female price?

Bouncer: $20 was before, for you it’s $40.

Me: FUCK YOU then.

Bouncer: [He gets up in my face] You need to get out.

I waved my arms in the air dismissively and walked out.

If I hadn’t come with my little sis and she wasn’t my ride, I would just leave and be done with it. But no, fuck these assholes. I sent her a quick text letting her know I was outside. She came out along with the two guys that had been there earlier. I ran what happened back to them and they were in disbelief but one of the guys mentioned how that same bouncer had been a bit of a prick earlier. They say they’re leaving anyway and I should take one of the wristbands which they just ripped off their wrists. I take that shit and basically tie it in a knot around my wrist. Then we make our way in through the other side of the front entrance for those already possessing wristbands.

I can get better booze drinking moonshine…

FINALLY, I’m inside where I can drink highly overpriced ice with watered down grade C liquor. I can get better booze drinking moonshine out of a hillbilly’s bathtub. Motherfuckers, really, a gin and ginger ale in what amounts to a paper Dixie Cup used for fluoride rinses quite literally overflowing with ice? How much is that going to set me back? Oh, I have to get a Chinese government bailout to afford it? Shit, Passion, you guys drive a hard bargain. I did buy drinks for the ladies (my sister and two of her friends, relax, I wasn’t breaking my rule) once the bottle(s?) ran out, and I made the mistake of putting in another order when my bartender was returning with the original order. I know, it’s such a burden to do your job when someone who placed an order has an addendum at a fucking bar but there’s little reason for you to roll your eyes because I’m adding an extra rum and coke.

I’d like to say the music was at least acceptable, but that would require them to finish playing a song. It felt like we were previewing songs in the iTunes store since none lasted more than 30 seconds and none started in the beginning. Way to go DJ, mass-preview an iMix and collect your check at the end of the night.

Passion, I’m not done fucking you yet. When I left, I made sure the bouncer saw me ripping off the wristband and dropping it on the floor as I made my way out. So help me, I want to go back there one day when I have nothing better to do and just fucking puke all over your bar counter. On alcohol I consumed from a flask I brought.

Hire more helpful staff, you overambitious shit show. If not, fuck you then.

So where the hell is it?
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58 Comments to Passion Nightclub

  1. Jonathon Diego

    Fucking classic man! Good job….. and fuck you too then haha!

  2. heygirlhey

    Dude, this is probably my favorite review ever! This review was spot on! They are the worst club I’ve ever been to in my life even though we had good company.

  3. Edgard De Olazabal

    Great review and dead-on accurate! Passion is over-rated, over-priced!

  4. Viv

    “Dude on the register looks like a retired child molester. Not like a guy that retired from molesting children, but a guy that retired from his 9-to-5 and took up raping kid faces full-time.”

    Thanks for that clarification! lol I loved this review!

  5. I NEVER GO TO THOSE CLUBS. Fuck that noise. We can’t have a nice laid back fucking bar? (like Fox’s?) no it has ot be these havens of douchery. ech.
    Awesome Article, man.
    I wanted to start a slow clap at the end. Awesome.

  6. S

    “So help me, I want to go back there one day when I have nothing better to do and just fucking puke all over your bar counter. On alcohol I consumed from a flask I brought.”

    CLASSIC! Long live Flasks!

  7. Randy

    Sounds like you’re a cheap dusch bag that didn’t deserve to get in the club anyway. First of all if you’re on a list, as a fellow promoter there, I know they explain no sneakers if you’re expecting to get in FREE. Second guest list is only open till 12 in the front 12:30 is a privilege in the back for those who come correct. As for Kanye West wearing white Air Forces to awards and clubs he’s not a cheap bastard crying on the web for not getting in a club for FREE for not dressing right. If he dresses that way he knows he’s popping bottles not to mention he’s a multi-millionaire recording artist/producer. Oh and I can put money that that guy you circled in the pick either new a manager or paid to get in without no problem. So excuse the club for holding a certain standard from keeping cheap bastards like your self from getting in the club and probably ordering maybe 2 drinks max the whole night while posting up on walls and harassing females as they pass by. So stick to your low standard clubs and Passion will continue operating as the 5th highest grossing club in south Florida!!!!!

    • Greetings, completely impartial non-biased commenter! Let me first congratulate you on being the first piece of hate mail/commentary I’ve received. I’ve been waiting a while for this and expected it much sooner, because as you can see by the content and my writing style it’s bound to piss off a reader or two.

      Your spelling of “douche” as “dusch” is impressively bad. I’m sure your spell-checker went apeshit not knowing what to do, so it probably contacted Microsoft and asked for a recall. I’m sorry, that’s a low blow, I should be focusing on what you said rather than taking pot shots at you for attempting (and failing, I might add) to call me a douche bag.

      I wasn’t the one wearing sneakers, and I’d say I’m a pretty well-dressed chap, but I was editorializing on the fact that I saw more motherfuckers wearing sneakers in that club than you see dudes on a basketball court wearing them. The Kanye thing was hyperbole, I figured most people would catch that. Maybe I should’ve used a smiley face. From now on just picture “:-P” or “lol” after anything that offends you to show that I’m probably fucking around or playing it up for a laugh. For example, “you’re a dusch :-P”, or “I think you’re intelligent lol.”

      If the cutoff time is midnight, the guy should’ve said so, but 3, count it, THREE employees told me 12:30 only to inevitably renege. Maybe they run on reverse-Cuban time?

      Furthermore, I’m not crying on the web about not getting in for free, because you see, I still got in for free. And for fuck’s sake do I have to reiterate that I wasn’t the one singled out for not being “properly” dressed? One thing is maintaining a dress code, which is understandable within reason and if enforced universally, but another thing is treating someone like how a Catholic priest treats a little boy he just molested. Passion is a service-oriented business, so act with some goddamn tact. I read over some Yelp reviews of Passion and a girl complained of an employee calling her a fat bitch. I don’t give a shit if dancing at Passion cures cancer, that kind of behavior is borderline sociopathic in the service industry and nothing gives anyone the right to talk to customers like that.

      So yeah dude, 5th highest-grossing club in SoFla. That’s a bold claim, and even believable to an extent, but I’d still like a citation on that statement because I can say I’ve got the 5th biggest cock in the greater Miami metropolitan area but unless I provide you with some evidence I’m just a guy talking about his dick.

      • Ronnie B.

        WOOOOW! The ignorants in people now a days makes me laugh! i got your back Randy! The only people in the world that don’t like Passion Nightclub are low class, welfare checks, unemployed, cheap, 25 year olds still asking whats the dress code, loser, assholes. Obviously Passion Nightclub is the best because it hurt you sooo bad that they didn’t let you in like a 12 year old boy not accepted into secret club, you took the time out to write this entire review.

        List ALWAYS closes @ 12! 12:30 is a privilege! Only pulling your phone out showing you have 3 minute is just being a smart ass! LMAO i cant believe you actually compared yourself to a FAMOUS CELEBRITY and what he wears! First of all he’s a famous multi-millionaire recording artist/producer so he can do whatever the hell he wants. Second of all if you’re really gonna be a follower and go by what FAMOUS PEOPLE wear to know what is an appropriate attire, then when you get married i wanna see you put on a wedding dress like Denis Rodman did!!

        Passion Nightclub isn’t going anywhere and we thank you for the publicity!! So tighten up your whored robe, your attitude, your life, and your bank account so you don’t have to be scared about paying the cover and being short on your rent!

        • Hi Ronnie, nice to meet you! It seems like you and your friend Randy have a particularly interesting style of reading comprehension. You know, the type where you just make stuff up to fit into your superior burns. I thought I was a master of hyperbole, but considering you believe everyone in the entire planet — including the Queen of Britain and people with so much money they wipe their asses with towels from classy Monaco hotels — must like Passion, you probably now hold the title. I bow to you.

          There’s a lot I like about your comment, especially the image of Dennis Rodman in a wedding dress, but let me go in order. I panned Passion and, as you put it, “took the time to write this entire review” not because I’m as butthurt as someone that has to walk around with a juvenile name like Ronnie for the rest of their lives, but because that’s kinda what goes on in this site. It’s a review site. Things get reviewed. I took the liberty of looking up the word “review” for you on Wikipedia in case you need elaboration. I hope this helps, because I want to have confidence in you. Damn it, let me have confidence in you!

          So, fine, the list closes at 12. Then why did he say 12:30, twice? Pulling out my phone for time verification does make me a smart-ass, that’s absolutely right. Doing well on my SATs also makes me a smart-ass. Knowing you’re definitely a promoter for Passion also makes me a smart-ass. Not being a “low class, welfare checks, unemployed, cheap, 25 year olds still asking whats the dress code, loser, assholes” also makes me a smart-ass. I guess what I’m trying to say is a lot of things make me a smart-ass, like proper use of a hyphen.

          Next, as outlined in the article, I didn’t compare myself to a celebrity. It was hyperbole. That’s what goes on here. I took the liberty of looking up the word “hyperbole” for you on Wikipedia in case you need elaboration. You should probably spend a few hours on that site just to beef up on some common knowledge. There’s also a “simple” version of Wikipedia for people who lack a grasp in high-level reading comprehension such as those found above grade 8. Furthermore, even when I made the comparison I was doing it with the other guy in our group, not myself. I don’t even wear sneakers casually, so I wouldn’t wear one at a club by preference, but you decided not to read that part.

          Thanks for marginally reading, Ronnie; I look forward to your future commentary regarding things you misinterpreted I said!

          • Randy

            You know obviously you would make this a battle of wits when in actuality all these words are obviously coming from someone who was deprived of attention while growing up and most likely spent there time with there head buried in books because no one would invite them to any social events. So you create a website and criticize businesses and give your opinion on things you know absolutely nothing about but hoping because it’s on the web people will perceive them as intelligent opinions.
            The fact of the matter is the club has been around for over 5yrs now and they have run all these years with a continuous amount of loyal clientele, new and old, that have completely filled the club every Friday and Saturday. night. Now of course not everyone will be pleased with the venue and it’s services but everyone is entitled to there opinion about any establishment. What makes your opinion discredited is the fact that every club in South Florida that has a max capacity of over 500 people run there services about the same way. So obviously you rarely visit any major clubs that are worth visiting and have no grounds to voice an opinion about this one. Oh and by the way after taking a closer look that picture you posted with your review. It was taken in the balcony VIP bottle area which you can tell by the fact that everyone is wearing a glitter band also by the placement of the TV on the wall.. So yes they did let those people in with sneakers but because instead of crying about not getting in through a free guest list they actually paid a substantial amount of money to purchase a bottle at this club that you say is so horrible. So next time instead of crying like a little girl ,who didn’t get the pony they asked for on there birthday, about how they run there door policies. Write about what really matters when you go out to the clubs which is the music, style, and crowd of the club. Oh and to the rest of you losers that give this man “Orlando”(probably named after where he was conceived LAME!!) any credibility grow up and get a life cause honestly his words are nothing but rambling of a pencil faced geek hiding behind a computer.

        • Kingsley Hamilton the 3rd

          “Passion Nightclub isn’t going anywhere”

          Fiscally? Hmm, you’re probably right, old chap. You drive a hard argument and I commend your steadfast resolve in coming to the defence of this drinking establishment. Shall we put away the swords and replace them with pints of your finest ale? I would much rather than ever consider paying my current shilling’s worth of rent. That would be deplorable.

    • Bertonio

      Hey Randy! Orlando was spot on with his review. You are a DOUCHE! I fucking hate you and every cocksucking club promoter like you in Miami. You guys think you’re “it” when actually your world is smaller than South Beach and Downtown Miami.

      Oh and Ronnie, FUCK YOU TOO!!!!

  8. JD

    Yep, douche bag Randy is alone on this one. The fact that he’s a ‘promoter’ there makes perfect sense. Like pea’s in a pod……

  9. heygirlhey

    @Randy: BURN.

  10. Bill

    Amazing. Peeps like Randy actually think Passion is a desirable place to be. Getting treated like shit outside the hottest club in NYC or Paris is one thing — they’re the coolest places in the world. Getting treated like shit outside a place as derivative and banal as Passion is a form of absurdity no one should be subjected to. The fact that Randy actually believes the hype is special kind of miracle that makes me wonder about the future of the human race. Randy. Stop. Please. Go away.

  11. Damo

    Randy won’t be a promoter there for long. Passion is a tacky Disney club. DJs need to get out of their mac glow and actually dj, bouncers are brusque, oblivious to fake ids and not really that tough and the atmosphere is bizarre-everyone shiftily checking other people out, no euphoria just thought bubbles saying “shall I get a cab to.Miami?” Low class, zero customer service but does seem to rake in the stinking ric Latin or hick tourist dollars. Wanna know what clubbing should be Human Traffic. Safe as Fuck.

  12. Michelle Would love to send this to them in form of a Valentine’s Day Card! awesome.

  13. Liz

    Wow, I really wish that people (I use that term loosely) who take the time to insult writers would learn to use spell-check. I LOVE your responses and I really enjoy reading your blog. Please keep it up!

  14. Liz

    Also, I think that if we were to meet, the entire planet would simultaneously orgasm

    • You’re flirting with me. Challenge accepted.

      • Liz

        I am flirting and was going to suggest that before we meet, you add me on facebook so i can make sure that you’re not a creepy ass motherfucker with 8 kids and a crackwhore wife. But since you’re looking up symptoms on webmd, maybe I should reconsider this whole ‘meeting’ thing

        • You just described that guy from John & Kate Plus Eight. His name is John, I believe, though I could be wrong.

          • Liz

            Well, I do watch a lot of TV. Something’s bound to stick

  15. …So next time instead of crying like a little girl ,who didn’t get the pony they asked for on there birthday…


    Why is everyone overlooking this gem? …there birthday… Oh sweet Buddha, this ignoramus made my night ( I’m on a wee break, supposed to be writing a JAVA assignment for school, but bored as fuck! hence the hour, 3:05 A.M )

    Sincerely Random–ass guy who added you to YELP a couple months ago.

    ( Site’s The shit, fix the SQL errors every now & then though )

    • I’m going to write a there/their/they’re, your/you’re/yore, where/were/wear, and its/it’s guide.

      Thanks for the heads up on SQL errors. I haven’t seen any and the CMS is WordPress, next time you see one copypasta an email to orlando -at- boywritesmiami. Please and thank you, and by the way 90% of the Yelp friends added me randomly 🙁

  16. heygirlhey

    It looks like Randy put a little more effort typing his response, yet it was still shitty. Hahaha. Poor guy, I really hope he and Ronnie make use of Wikipedia.

  17. “spent there time with there head buried in books because no one would invite them to any social events”…. and … ” but everyone is entitled to there opinion about any establishment. ”
    People who fuck up the correct use of possessive pronouns annoy the hell out of me!

  18. heygirlhey

    Oh and by the way, I had three VIP tables for my friends and me at that stupid club. Even though we had tables and blew a lot of money at the club, the staff and service was shitty. I’m sticking to South Beach.

  19. ProbablyNotMuchDifferent@25

    I don’t really care to argue particulars with you Orly, I just thought I might be able to help you to not be such an egocentric, self proclaimed genius that really has no idea that, while even I got a laugh out of some of your statements that you spent your precious time on, i.e. spelling, grammar, thesaurus’ & dicktionaries’, all the while chuckling to yourself about how big your intellect and dick are and which one would win in a fight, you know mind over matter? I’m kidding you can write a hell of a blog so I’ll make this short and sweet, I’m just going to make a few statements and then probably, though I may be tempted to see if I helped you at all some day when I need to balance feeling so awful for paying my bills with money that kids like you ask your parents for, after you’ve picked out whatever you deem fashionable and proclaim should be the standard of, and based on your opinion, of the club you’re hittin’ that night, :). My point is that when you get there, after you care of business of course, you seem to be a covert business appraiser, with expertise in the bar business, you’re going to do exactly what you’ve just wasted time complaining about. You’re also, and I may be wrong because you either aren’t really sure if you do have such a massive cock or you do in which case you can skip ahead because I have faith that someone as confident as you would never stay in the closet….Ok where was I ?? Oh right you’re going to do what you laugh at the other patrons of a club for doing the same thing you will, buying girls drinks in little fluoride cups, packed with ice, which is filthy beyond belief at any F&B establishment, all with the dream that the next chick that buys your portrayal of a confident, well hung young man and decides to fuck you won’t be as big boned as the other one that did. Let’s also hope she doesn’t resemble the child molester, cause you seem to have enough on you plate to try to testify with your jaw wired shut due to the fact that it has been shattered by someone who could probably be your grandaddy. To make it this far with the fat chick and to keep from losing face, with your “child molester” or your sister’s friends, you’re gonna spend whatever money could fit into your pockets, due again to your huge cock, with a smile bigger than your giant pussy, dick, both, whatever, that says “I love when nightclub owners with lower IQs than I and much smaller dicks, shove them up my ass, any all the other fucks like me, as you buy your sisters friends, one of which is probably the fat chick you’re gonna go down on if you can afford to get her drunk enough on fluoride, that she forgets what a loser and waste of intelligence you are for what is going to happen anywhere you go, spending money on trying to fuck some fat bitch, when you really want to see HER brother’s cock to compare and reassure yourself I guess. Just realize that making a few people online laugh and agree with you, and I don’t care if you’re in the top of your class at Harvard Medical School, the point is you’re a little shit head that no one like and has no self esteem, yeah yeah I thought I did too, you don’t. Stop going to nightclubs and go teach english or something. Stop being you. LAter

    • TheRightOne

      ” Just realize that making a few people online laugh and agree with you, and I don’t care if you’re in the top of your class at Harvard Medical School, the point is you’re a little shit head that no one like and has no self ”

      Yeah but you do care you just wasted your time writing this long comment. So it must of pissed you off. You must be what the Urban kids call a “Hater”.

      Later Loser. This message brought to you by some random internet troll.

      • lol waouh géniaal un bloc-note et un stylo Google ! J’avais déjà un sticker d’eux en plus Bon je l’avoue j’ai proposé Google parce-que je me souviens que tu me l’avais dit juste avant que t’y ailles à l&q8217;épo#ue, j’espère que j’aurai le privilège de visiter les locaux parisiens de Google un jour moi aussi

    • heygirlhey

      What? Dude, were you drunk when you wrote that?

      • per chiarire la tua posizione, per te l&ec9;#-3at è un dispositivo che:1) non funziona 2) è una vera e propria truffa3) funziona meno di quel che Rossi dice

    • Mister T.

      I pity the fool who writes like you.

      • heygirlhey


      • A prcavovtioe insight! Just what we need!

  20. Heather

    Hey Guy!!!! Did it cross you mind they didnt want you inside. Thats why they kept lying about the time….. Duh!!!Too cheap to Pay the cover, then you sneak in!!!! What are you 12? You are a Tosser. I would never admit I couldn’t get into a club at the Rock. Actually pull his phone out to show he had 3 more minutes. This guy has wayyyyyy to much on his hands. And yes it’s ranked one of the hightest grossing nightclubs so they must be doing something right?

  21. TheRightOne

    I wonder how many of you “Jersey Shore wanna be douch bags” are going to show up on here? At least your grammar is getting better.

  22. Jules


    “Their” and “there” are two very different words; find your mistake and get back to me.


  23. Help Me Orlando

    I heard Passions is a pretty happening spot. Seems like the drinks are affordable; the staff, nice and friendly, and they seem to want your rent money as bad as you want to squander it on the great times that will undoubtedly occur in this place. Seems like a win-win.

    Your thoughts?

  24. And I'm A


  25. I have to tell you, after reading this (along with the comments)… Big fan. Great, great humor, great writing. Superb.

  26. kelly b

    how to know about everyone else but this week in a passion nightclub I have the greatest time of my freakin life! I’ve been to a lot of clubs in the area and I have to say passion nightclub is my favorite! great music great people price of drinks that I mention great people! all my. think I’m crazy because I went friday and saturday. and I know that this weekend is gonna be even crazier! so you can go to say what you wanna say about passion but me and my girls will still be there every single weekend!

    • heygirlhey

      I’m so sorry to hear that, Kelly.

  27. Lilliana

    Thanks to this review and how professional the Passion employees acted towards it… I’ll keep taking my business to the real clubs. Lol. What a riot!!!

  28. Jay

    AWESOME review.

  29. Ha ha, I love how straight to the point you are! Yes a lot of places around Miami need a wake up call on manners/customer service. Good for you!

  30. Pony Boy

    I like to rub myself down with my own jizz and then pick fights with the bouncers over there.

    You think you kicked my ass? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  31. totty

    its the fat stinky high rollers from Ohio that get in there because they’ve lost a wad on BJ, the dumbest way to empty your wallet on the planet….. that bothers me, its not south beach for sure, a disney version…..I don’t want some stupid gambler slathering all over me, people are such morons.

    • But the PS3 version also seems to have more aliasing (jaggies). The 360 version looks a little too dark and the PS3 version looks too washed out.I think the aliasing and any performance issues (like screen tearing and framerate drops) are the real deciding factors.So far the 360 version looks a little better due to having better anitNaliasing.V-:F [1.9.17_1161](from 0 votes)

  32. OyeLoca

    Passion night club is wack as fuck.

  33. KK3

    You gotta love an idiot like Randy. His reply post is one run-on after another. His posts are more harmful to the club than any review posted in any forum. He actually made the whole thread more fun by responding. Now that’s entertainment!

  34. Roger

    Apparently half of you are not meant to get in the club….Although the club may be this n that to some of you cheap bastards, What’s your point of coming out there if all you’re going to do is nag n critic about how they didn’t let you in? Seriously stay the fuck home! Its really not about where you go to party, or at least try to…make the best out of any situation, place, environment, and company you’re around and enjoy life. By the way starting from the Owners, followed by management and along with a few of the other staff there have to be some of the most humble people I’ve ever met at any club. Yes there are a few bouncers and security guards that might act up every now n then, just like at any club Liv has them, Dream, Cameo, Mansions, Tantra, etc I’m done!

  35. Roger

    ***Along with a few of the other staff there I would say they have to be some of the most humble people I’ve ever met at any club.

    Had to correct myself before the teachers point me out***

  36. Nicole

    Club Passion discriminated against my party because we are African American. I presented my RSVP confirmation & was still denied entry. Problem date occurred on 6/7/2014. I have been planning this trip for weeks & was in touch with one of their promoters by phone. I live 2 hours away from Passions night club so I wanted to ensure that I had the trip well planned out because I had 17 others accompanying me to celebrate my birthday. I uncovered a couple of red flags about the discrimination against African Americans while reviewing the company on Trip Advisor & yelp but I chose to overlook them & continued planning my trip. I made sure that everyone understood all of the clubs policies, i.e dresscode & the proper attire because again we were traveling from 2 hours away I wanted to avoid any hiccups. I did not want to give them any excuse to profile us. I had a very diverse crowd of very intelligent well spoken business professionals accompanying me. Bank managers, business owners, bankers, Vice Presidents of large corporations etc. We were all excited to go to the Passions night club & be apart of the dress up affair. The ladies ordered nice shoes & dresses the men ordered nice sophisticated attire as well. We all chipped in on a limo to drive us to Passions & back home. The entire planning set me back over $1500.00. So you can understand my dismay when we arrived to the club all fancy in our stretch hummer limousine dressed to impress only to be turned away & escorted out of the club by security because I was disputing the fact that the bouncer would not let us into the club. I was calm, I spoke to him very respectfully, I showed him my reservation confirmation for my party he refused to let us in. The bouncer stated we were in the wrong line so I went to another line only to be rejected again even with my VIP RSVP pass. My friend has the entire dispute on video because she was recording what was suppose to be great memories. You will shake your head in disbelief when you see the recording. I said to myself I see where this is going when I saw 2 other African males turned away. The crowd I was with consisted of 4 african males, 3 african females, 6 Latin Americans, & 6 Caucasians. I devised a different approach I asked all the African Americans to step to the back of my 6 Latin & 6 Caucasian colleagues. All 12 of them gained entry into the club drama free they weren’t even asked if they had any reservations. When it was my time to go into the club with the other 5 african americans right after my latin & caucasian friends were let through I was told that I was to late reservations stopped at 11:30pm when it clearly stated on my confirmation it ended at 12am. I asked the bouncer then why was it that he let the others in front of me in after 11:30pm. He stated that they had reservations & most of them are repeat clients going back inside. I then told him that what he was saying was not true & that the 12 clients he just let in before me were with my party reservation he then proceeded to stutter & got irate & yelled at my group you are not getting in & for us to leave. It was so embarrassing to be treated like animals. We all went back into the limo my other friends left out of the club and joined us back inside the limo 2 of my friends decided to stay behind to play the slots at the casino & catch a ride back with her sister. When I spoke to my friend that stayed behind the next day she told me that they did not get to play the slots because the same security guards that escorted my African American friends out the club also asked her husband to leave the casino. They did not know he was her husband because you see she is Caucasian & her husband is African American. We have the entire event on video & we are seeking legal counsel because Club Passion should not continue to operate their business in this manner where it’s degrading the African American race.

  37. Such as very last one, Brian, might nailed the idea yet again. So intriguing!

  38. Nicole, who wants to get monkey grease all over them at the club? You know like on Coming to America and the dude gets up and there is the soul glo spot on the couch, yeah..slippery stuff!

    I believe in the interest of safety for it’s patrons they want to keep everything from being coated in Pink Mink Oil spray so that way nobody slips and gets hurt out on the dance floor. I’m sure you can appreciate the safety factor. Thank you, drive thru!

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