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No Updates Until Wednesday

As you read this, I will already be in Mexico. I’m going on vacation while all you suckers are working. When you’re filing paperwork, flipping burgers, performing open-heart surgery, or whatever mundane task it is you do I’ll be in the Yucatan peninsula lying to female German tourists about what kind of person I am.

And if you don’t have a job, then hahaha.

I’ll resume posts on Wednesday. Until then, feel free to read older articles because I know you haven’t read them all. And if for some reason you’re crazy enough to have done that, may I suggest taking my articles and running them through Google Translate into Korean, then take that Korean output and translate it back to English and read that. It’ll make them even funnier, trust me.

Watch, I’ll show you. This is the above text translated into Korean:

Having read this, I will already be in Mexico. All jwideulyiyi vacation while I’m going to work. When, filing and down a hamburger, or a conventional open-heart surgery to do it for me I kind of woman who lied to the German tourists on the Yucatan Peninsula may have to do is.

And that you Ha ha ha, you can not have a job.

I post on Wednesday to resume. Until then, I read them to you because we know that all the previous articles, please read. And if for some reason I can recommend taking the article in Korean, and run them through Google Translate, and then take out the Korean and English, translated and read back, you crazy enough to do that. It is believed me, they’ll laugh.

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  1. When I tried the Korean maneuver, my computer sustained an attacke by fighter jets from the north. Clearly unprovoked! Should I retaliate?

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